Just take a breath

My name is Antonella I'm 19 years old, I'm from Argentina but I live in London. I love the Jonas Brothers especially Joe Jonas <3 Met him twice, he's such a sweetheart!
I also love Disney and I have two favorite princess. From the classic generation Ariel and from the new one Rapunzel I'm mad about her so you'll see a lot of her over here. Live your dreams.
Important Discoveries That Were Discovered By Accident →


You won’t believe that these amazing inventions happened by sheer chance and pure luck!

Check it out: Important Discoveries That Were Discovered By Accident

I will die if the microwave wasnt invented tbh so that dude saved my life by accident basically

So basically when these guys fucked up they did something good, but when I fuck up thats it its just a stupid fuck up


Why didn’t I read this before the SAT???

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plans for life: become successful journalist, travel around the world, help people and be rollin in cash all the way 

*after results day*

plans for life: rich men need wives, i dont need grades for that




i wish i lost weight as fast as i lose motivation 

i agree bethany

who the fuck is bethany

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